Excitement.  Amazement. 
Making Lifetime Memories.
That's what sportfishing on the
Free Spirit is all about.

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The sun is just rising over the water as The Free Spirit heads out to the fishing grounds.  Lines are set and the anticipation begins.  Suddenly its "FISH ON!" as a huge king smashes a bait and takes off on a blistering run.  You struggle to get the rod out of the holder and line peels from the reel at an alarming rate.  Eventually you get him slowed down and begin the exhausting task of getting him back to the boat.  For the first ten minutes its a lot of give and take and you wonder "who has who".  After some sweating and lots of encouragement you finally see that tail fin cutting the water behind the boat. The net is slipped under your prize and the King of all freshwater gamefish is hoisted into the boat.  You stand there with aching arms, staring in amazement at what you have just experienced.  And this is just the beginning of your day....

Lake Ontario boasts some of the finest salmon and steelhead fishing in the world.  Thousands of our guests have experienced a morning just like the one above.  The exitement and adrenaline rush are perfect for sharing with groups of friends or family, or is a great way to show appreciation for business associates or employees.  Multi-day and multi-boat trips can be arranged.

Captain Paul Czarnecki has been a full time professional guide to thousands of guests on Lake Ontario since 1988, and currently owns and operates the Free Spirit, a 10 Meter Trojan out of Oak Orchard, NY.  Well equiped, the boat has a large spacious cabin and enclosed bathroom for privacy and comfort, and plenty of tackle.

Your safety and enjoyment are always top priority. Capt. Paul's extensive knowledge of the species, his professionalism and attention to detail helps provide an educational and memorable experience.

Whether young or not-as-young-as-we-used-to-be, we help you create memories that last a lifetime.  Come with us and experience an entire day of fun on beautiful Lake Ontario!