When planning for your fishing trip, it's sometimes overwhelming to try to figure out what you're going to bring. We created this page to help guide you as to what you'll most likely need. After all, we have done this a few times before!

Guests need to bring:
[] New York State Fishing License.
[] Lots of food and beverages.
[] Sunglasses and foul weather gear.
[] A large cooler to take home your catch.
[] Camera with extra film or data storage (or video camera).
[] A GREAT attitude!  We're here to have fun!

What to Wear:
[] Soft soled shoes (non-marking sneakers, sandals, deck shoes)
[] Layers.  It can be chilly in the morning and hot in the afternoon.
[] Sunscreen.  Put it on onshore, and then wash your hands well.

Other things to remember:
[] We will provide all the fishing tackle and clean all of the fish.
[] Ice can --and should-- be purchased on location.
[] Please note, any equipment brought on board is done so at your    own risk.
[] The scent of sunscreen on a lure or line is one of the best fish
   repellents out there, so please wash well after applying.
[] 8 hours on a boat is a LONG time to go without food or drink.
   Pack more than you think you'll need, and you'll be fine.
[] It's best to purchase your fishing license the night before to avoid
   a delay in departure.
[] Your safety is our priority.

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